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Originally Posted by AnnieB3 View Post
Louise, I'm sorry that you are going through so much, as is your husband.

I'm not sure this is the correct forum for you. Does your husband have myasthenia gravis?

What kind of doctor assessed him for brain damage? Did they do an MRI? He should be seeing a neurologist and/or a neuropsychologist. Also, I would highly suggest testing him for a B12 deficiency, plus other things such as a metabolic panel. A B12 deficiency and abnormal electrolyte levels can affect the brain.

Does he have a good cardiologist? If so, did they assess the cause for the cardiac arrest? Is he on drugs now that could cause mental changes?

There are other types of dementia, aside from Alzheimer's, such as frontotemporal dementia. A B12 deficiency can appear like dementia.

I hope you can find some answers from doctors. There has to be a reason for these mental changes. Has he been tested for sleep apnea? That is very hard on the heart and brain. I wish I could help you more! Please don't forget to take care of yourself as well!!!

He was diagnosed with MG
He had a cardiac arrest due to his lung collapsing many times. He had eight tubes at separate times put into his chest since this all began. He was transported over from the rehab facility and it was approx. 10 minutes before they got his heart beating again. The medication got the MG in check but then all these other things came about. He apparently had the MG for a a year at least before it was diagnosed. It has been one thing leading into another and it is so taxing.
A specialist phoned today and he is was called in to do the revue and study. A good probability is that being in a hospital environment confined to a bed is a good suspect. He hasn't been outside of a hospital or rehab for almost five months. Looking out a window doesn't count.
He has a multitude of doctors and specialists working with him.
He has been in and out of ICU and Progressive Care and during all these weeks. If it weren't for Armand's 100% disability with the VA we would be destitute. It is truly a gift and not taken lightly. I will be forever grateful for the care that they have given to my husband. He was in Trippler Army Medical Center in Oahu, Hawaii, for almost two months.
Yes, he has a CPAP machine, not that he will always use it. This will be dealt with this when he is able to return home. That is my prayer though, for him to come home. Thank you for replying, it soothes my soul to know that someone out there that understands what all this is about and how trying it can be.
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