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Originally Posted by ErinBear View Post
Dear Louise Smith,

I'm so sorry to hear about all that you and your husband are going through. That sounds very difficult.

When there is such a big medical event, sometimes people end up with multiple doctors they need to see after they leave the hospital. Like Annie said, hopefully your husband has a good cardiologist now, if he didn't already have one. Making a visit to his regular internist or primary care doctor might be a good idea, too. They can be good at looking at the big picture. I agree with her that seeing a neurologist or neuropsychologist would be helpful, too.

It's also hard, because it's possible your husband may be on new medications or different doses of the medications he may have taken previously. When your husband see his doctor next, it would be a good idea to write a list of all the medications he is taking and review them with the doctor. Maybe there is one medication, or more, that is adding to the confusion. If so, perhaps it can be adjusted or changed. Another idea is to take the list of medications to your pharmacist. They can also help you review the list. Sometimes the pharmacists can help you make calls to doctors, too.

Annie's comment about sleep apnea is true, too. Often, pulmonologists are the ones who do testing for sleep apnea. If your husband has a pulmonologist, that's a good question to ask that doctor. He may have one now if he was in the hospital with such serious problems.

I send best wishes to you, and I hope things will start improving for you and your husband.

Take care,
Thank you Erin.
Armand has been in a hospital or rehab with medical staff there also and they have a regimen of medications. We deleted all his meds and they made any necessary changes. I did catch the fact that someone forget to send his depression prescription and Armand started having extreme depression symptoms. I asked them if he was getting that med and they had no record of it. I was put in touch with the doctor and I made him aware of it. He was so appreciative that I was able to clear the mistake that someone should have caught and they missed. It wasn't available in the dose that he takes so I brought his into the facility and he was put on it right away. Even the professionals make mistakes. I have a daughter who is a pharmacist and a daughter who is an R.N. I am truly blessed to have those two.
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