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Originally Posted by Wiix View Post
Everything I ever cared about or loved has been taken away from me. What can I do? There seems to be nothing for me anywhere.
I feel very similar. I feel the lowest Iíve ever been and am doing all I know to help myself but Iím still in desperation.


*TBI with mild to severe damage November 2012 from car crash. Stroke with hemorage & 4 clots in veins in brain Feb/Mar 2015.

*Vestibular damage, PCS, hypercusis, severe visual processing and tracking issues, short term memory loss, headaches/migraines, occipital neuralgia, cognitive issues, neurological issues, brain fog, brain fatigue when over stimulated, twitching, vertigo, neck issues, nerve issues, PTSD, personality change, Since stroke left side weakness, rage, worsening of vestibular problems, recall, speech, memory.

*Can't drive or work. Have done occupational therapy, cognitive therapy, physical therapy. Learning work arounds, and strategies to be competent in daily life. Change your attitude/perspective changes your life. As TBI survivors this is a vital part of our healing and living.

*Working on getting to know and accept the new me.
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