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Not sure how many of you guys are still checking in every now and then! But for those who have gotten titers or who've tried to get titers, what was your experience like? It's been 4.5 months since the bite and the full vaccination series. For a while I've forgotten about the incident but each time my left hand gets tingly, I get very anxious and I would just like some peace of mind that the vaccine worked. When I asked to get the titer done back in April/May (1 month after I completed the vaccination series), my doctor said that I didn't need it, that titers are normally done for vets and people who have recurring exposure to animal, which isn't the case for me. Given that I got my first 3 shots (HRIG and 2 doses of the vaccine) in Israel and the remaining 2 in Chicago, I'm worried that there may be inconsistencies as they were definitely different brands. My doctor said it was fine, it's the same thing, etc., but it would still be nice to have some positive confirmation through a titer.
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