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Originally Posted by ger715 View Post
Your son going in to long term recovery is very encouraging and something to give you hope.

God knows your granddaughter needs her Mimma.
Hold on dear lady.

You sending me strength through your well wishes never to be forgotten
Thank you for the love
She hold on to me for dear life
Doing so well in school
Yesterday to hear from Corissa was heaven
She misses us terribly
May she find her way back
Prayers I ask
That she find her way
Take care of yourself dear lady
This is the month I found my lump
It was in cancer month 2011 and my anniversary date of removal of both breasts January 9 2012
Now to return to the doctors who did the botched job will be interesting
My oncologist and pulmonologist both recommendation to return
I check with the insurance company if he is in my plan
Luckily he is
So like I said I be the last on the list of things to do for this body

Ran into my gynecologist when getting the mri
Of shoulder says Eva you look so good
I respond why thank you doc
Shanít to know what my secret is
Iím rotting inside
He says stop saying that
However the fact is that is what is really happening
Why canít they just admit to the brutal honesty
The European genes does not do to this body any justice
Not an an easy thing to say but the truth
I come to find out Raynaud is hereditary I wonder on which side
My father didnít hang around long enough it will be 38 years
Where did the time go
Be well
Iíll keep posting
someone who cares
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