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Originally Posted by ger715 View Post
I'm glad you heard from Corissa. I pray for you, little Eva and your children; but when I first spoke with Corissa; as I have mentioned before, I felt something special about her . Please let her I care about her and if she would like to send an email; I would be happy to hear from her. You have my email address; she may as well.

Both of us lost something to cancer in 2012; you breast cancer; me the rectal cancer/removal. I also had Invasive ductal breast cancer operated 4/11/2018. It was invasive. The surgeon from Northwestern Hospital in Chicago did a lumpectomy to remove the mass as well as an area around the mass was also removed.That area test came back clear. For five years, I'm suppose to be on a breast cancer daily med to hopefully prevent it from returning. I am not tolerating it very well and dealing with side effects.

If I understand correctly it appears you might be having additional surgery done on the breast? Is that correct?:

Well dear lady lost much writing responding
So to keep it short
I will let Corissa know

I had a double mastectomy

Taken off of tamoxifen by oncologist
Because of the Raynaud finding
Now my implants are failing
The left has what is called a double bubble
Immediately after they were put that six years but now the right one is deflating
Both the oncologist and pulmonologist agree itís time to see the plastic surgeon as itís become painful

The tamoxifen did do many things like thicken my facial hair nausea and lots of other things

But my question to you is
Does the doctor know you donít take your medicine

Send gentle hugs dear sweet lady
someone who cares
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