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So my brothers cancer is so rare, there have only been 8 of its kind in the last 35 years. Thank goodness they believe they got it all. The 3 monthly MRIís are concerning (I think it strange) but he seems ok with it all. He flew over last weekend, his vocal chords are permanently damaged and all he can muster is a whisper. But Iíll take that any day over the alternative!

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And learned on Monday my brother has got thyroid cancer. Will know more next week. Had surgery on Tuesday to remove the thyroid, hopefully they got it all. The first op was for a parathyroidectomy 2 weeks ago (on the day my cousin died) and thatís when they discovered the tumour. His vocal chords were damaged in the first op, he has very little voice now and apparently itís unlikely to recover. A shout comes over as a husky whisper. I believe we will tell mum this weekend. Dr Google says this type of cancer, depending on what stage and if spread can have a good outcome. Saying my prayers.
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