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Originally Posted by Xtine View Post
Hi Femlex
I am feeling better but never really got an answe to why it happened. I still occasionally now get low grade fevers..
But not as often .
I'm sorry to hear you have this.
I had started on vitamin d, b12 and vitamin c ..not sure if it helped and it had been 5-6 months before I felt somewhat better.
Hope you feel better soon.
Thank you for your reply, glad to hear there has been at least some level of improvement. I had similar issues after a simple extraction for years and still feel that area where the apex was as totally numb and pressure. Big problems with bouts of "feeling of infection in the jaws" for about 10 months and then it became a little less frequent. Those weird feelings have now gotten fairly rare, there is just the constant feel of numbness where the apex was and also pressure. That pressure sometimes feels like it "pumps up" a little (internally it feels like it slightly "swells up" but no physical evidence, nothing is visible). Do you have any similar feeling? I've seen a large number of specialists and in different specialties and they have zero answer, to summarise it. Now I have identical issue with other teeth and am very reluctant to have it pulled for that same reason. Do you have any similar issues?
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