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Hey Muso, welcome here.

It's hard to say; in the best case, it is just a trapped nerve. That is something a specialist can find out.

But... if you feel immediate effect from not drinking for a while, you might want to give drinking a rest for a couple of months, and see if it goes away completely. If you then decide to test the waters again, you will find out soon enough if alcohol was the culprit.

Best advice I can give is to be as honest as possible with yourself, and not get hung up on words like alcoholism. There are almost as many types of alcohol abuse as there are types of people.

To be fully clear: neuropathy can have many causes, and alcohol is just one of them. It's best to read up on all those causes in the neuropathy section, but it sounds like you already suspect it could be linked to alcohol if I'm not mistaken? If so, not drinking for a couple of months will most likely give you a straight answer.
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