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Hi Kiwi,

My doctor prescribed amitriptyline as it has been known to relieve nerve pain. However I feel no investigation has really been done to work out the source of the nerve pain. I have been doing a bit of reading on Alcoholic Neuropathy and it seems it is something that is very difficult to diagnose. I think I have Alcoholic Neurpoathy, based on my symtoms being worse the days following drinking alcohol. Throughout my late 20's and into my early 30's I used to drink very heavy 1-2 nights per week. Although my symptoms have improved I still feel I have a reduced quality of life as I can't walk as far and be on my feet for too long. The symptoms are worse when it is cold weather.

Today I have decided I am so fed up of this miserable condition. As much as I enjoy alcohol I am certain now is the time to turn my back on alcohol 100%. I really want to commit to this as so far my efforts to remove alcohol from my diet has been very half hearted if you know what I mean. I have still been having the odd few pints, the odd binge here and there but I feel as much as I have reduced my alcohol intake it has not reversed my symptoms completely.

I will post regular updates to my progress roughly every 3 months. This is day one. I want to reverse and fight this.
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