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Default The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right

I'm at a bit of a cross roads.
It's been almost six months now since I had a big flareup.
I've been artificially introducing stressers in my life trying to see how much my body can now take. I bought a new computer, because I've been without one for almost five years. Computers if some people don't know, create a type of electromagnetic radiation pollution which weakens the immune system. I've been aware of this fact for over 30 years. In my weakened state it would only take me about 15 minutes sitting in front of an old CRT monitor for the lymph nodes under my chin to swell up like balloons. Current monitors are a little better. I'll have to write another article about EMF someday and how to protect oneself from it.

I also have been doing physical exercises, which used to always trigger a flareup. I did 20 deep knee bends once and was in bed with a fever and couldn't move for two weeks

Still no big flareups yet. My joints are very stiff and sore due to exercising and you might here me say "OMG I have the joints of a ninety year old man!" but still no big flareups yet.

I went back to the family doctor who originally told me about autoimmune disorders, but who lives in another city. I told him my family doctor here won't pursue the matter or send me to another rheumatologist. He recommends I try to persuade him and gave me a requisition for another blood test.

Since I have to pay for the blood test my dilemma is to trying phase 2 of my experiment or pay for the blood test? Since I can't afford both at the same time. If I go for a blood test now and seeing that I've had no big flareups in six months I will look like the boy who cried wolf. If I walk into the Rheumatologists office and say "guess what I think I've cured myself of autoimmune disorders, sorry you doctors are too slow!" They will probably call me insane?

So there's a bit of a crossroads dilema?

I started my phase 2 with just Astragalus, Red Root and Slippery Elm but after eight days I didn't see any changes. I was about to start adding more ingredients, probably Cordyceps, which maybe the missing component, but due to the exorbitant price of Cordyceps ($40 a bottle) alternatively I used five drops of 3% USP food grade hydrogen peroxide instead. Five drops in morning with beverage and five drops at supper with beverage. It seemed to be very very promising. It definitely has a significant antibacterial
effect and cognitive boost to the brain. There is a big controversy about ingesting food grade hydrogen peroxide. Well I can personally atestify it does have an antibacterial and cognitive boost effect myself.
Basically the oxygen kills bacteria and the oxygen to the brain gives a cognitive boost(which it does).

Before I continue though with my phase 2 experiment I'm going to pay for another blood test. This will give me time to research more lymphatic herbs. Oh by the way, I tried a lymphatic herb from India. They call it Indian Echinacea(Andrographis paniculata). It gave me a very strong side effect of extreme bloatness and gas. My abdomen swelled up like a balloon.
So I won't be trying that again.

Why did I Title this "The Price Is Right"

Well something I want to comment on about health in general.
I read a book about 30 years ago, one of my favourites(next to the Bible)
called "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Dr.Weston Price.

He was a doctor and a dentist. He wanted to find out the cause of tooth decay. He travelled around the world with his wife in 1933 to 14 isolated places in the world that still existed back then.

It read almost like an adventure novel sometimes, I love it. He gathered lots of statistics and photos and basically came to a conclusion....processed foods
lead to tooth decay, heart disease and other modern degenerative diseases, even crime. He was rejected and laughed at. The very idea of manufactured food being unhealthy at the time sounded preposterous!

To me the book was profoundly brilliant and yet insanely simple. I thought
he should have won the Nobel prize for it, but its such a no-brainer, how do
you give a Nobel for common sense?

About 20 years ago I read about something else. The acid/alkaline balance.
Every food we eat has concentrations of both, some more acid some more
alkaline. Processed, fried, junk food is basically highly acidic.

I also read about 20 years ago the theory that cancer cells can only
stick together to become tumors in an acidic enviroment. I'm not a doctor
so I can't verify that scientifically, but it sounds plausible.

So did scientists ever find the real cause of tooth decay? A dental hygenist I talked to once said it was bacteria. The latest research I found tho said it wasn't precisely bacteria, but an acidic enviroment. Bacteria can only thrive in a acidic enviroment.

So is an acid imbalance behind most modern diseases? Maybe, I'm not a scientist but it sounds kind of plausible to me. I also don't think its just simply acid.

In Dr.Weston Prices's book and in other parts of the world, people ate somewhat acidic diets and yet they remained healthy, without tooth decay or modern illnesses? I'm aware of some Peruvian foods that use peppers in their food. Why is that different that eating junk food or fried food that is acidic? Simply pouring baking soda over sugar doesn't make you healthy(besides sugar itself is not an acid but creates an acidic enviroment).I think besides acid there is other nutrients in peppers that probably counter the negative heath effects in some way, atleast thats a theory of mine anyways.

So I think The Price Was Right, Dr. Weston Price was onto something.

Am I saying all autoimmune disorders and other disorders and the result of
junk food? Not necessarily. But I do think many modern health problems are caused by life style, such as processed and fast foods and such. Imagine somebody inventing a manufactured substance, a chemical. It has no nutrional value. They put it in carbonated water which depletes the body of oxygen(which kills bacteria) and is very highly acidic. In fact you can lose I think 30 percent bone loss and it will even eat away at muscle.
It's called Pop. Companies make billions selling this chemicalized liquid for people to ingest. Why? I don't know. Its a legitamite business in a free market society.

Annette Larkins is a raw vegan(raw vegetarian) In 2012 she was 70 years old, but looks more like 35 years old. I've met many people who claimed to be vegetarians, but none as healthy as her. I believe she is a scientifically correct vegetarian. Its important to eat the right combination of vegetables
to get enough of certain amino acids to create a protein.

I won't mention any names but I suspect processed and fast food restaurants have indirectly shortened the life expectancy of more people than cigarettes, auto mobile accidents, and plane crashes combined!
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