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That's the million dollar question. A lot of researchers believe the Am. Diabetes Assoc. ranges are not good. What you have to do to really test it well is eat or drink pure fat and no protein. If you test at the 2 hour mark after your last bite, here's what the ADA says:

Normal: less than 140 mg/dl
Prediabetes: 140 mg/dl to 199 mg/dl
Diabetes: 200 mg/dl or higher

Many researchers believe if your glucose spikes above 140 at any point in time after eating carbs, you have a problem. Others say normal people would never go about 120.

Here's an article you might want to read.

Why Your “Normal” Blood Sugar Isn’t Normal (Part 2) | Chris Kresser

All I know is my glucose spiking to the 300 range is not good. That's what happened when I ate a bunch of pretzels on an empty stomach.

Originally Posted by Dargx View Post
Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Also I have a device to test blood sugar levels I used to test cetokines. I'll try it just after a pasta party

How much should be an acceptable level after carbs intake?

Idiopathic, Full Body, Small Fiber Neuropathy since 11/2013. Symptoms include altered sensation in toes; constant tingling/vibrations in feet and lower legs; intermittent tingling in temples, scalp and face; full body "buzzing" in the morning (suspect mild dehydration); referred sensation in feet cause by touch; occasional bouts with severe cramping in my feet and legs; when flaring, full body burning.

Metabolic issues: FBG -88 A1C - 5.1 with glucose spikes near 300, can't metabolize alcohol, and salt consumption makes my neuropathy 100x worse.

Current treatments:
  • Omega 3's - Fish Oil (2400 mg EPA, 1200mg DHA), 200 mg Magnesium Threonate
  • 5 mg Meribin Biotin for low-normal biotinidase levels.
  • Low carb "back to the farm" diet, lots of water
  • Quell TENS unit, 5% lidocaine patches, magnesium cream, CBD oil
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