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Default Any ideas what this is?

Need some help. Iíve been seeing a neurologist for 4 years and am still undiagnosed. Would love to hear from someone out there that shares my symptoms. Iím frustrated at not having answers.

Iím experiencing involuntary muscle spasms. They begin with my neck jerking and progress to my arms and legs. These can last from minutes to hours. My arms flail up in the air and my legs kick out. Itís bad at night but can also happen any time of the day. I have been in meeting and will fling my pen across the conference room table. When my arms flail, typically I will also yell or call out. I can be asleep and jolt upright in bed screaming and confused.

I have speech problems like slurring my words and using the wrong words. I will repeat things over and over and get mad when you donít understand me. I think Iím making sense and Iím not.

I get brain fog and canít concentrate. I was trying to call a coworker. A number I dial frequently. I called 5 different people in a row trying to dial this person.

My husband says I will look confused. I feel disconnected.

These are some of my symptoms. They can last from days to weeks

Anyone else experiencing this?
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