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Default Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut

I had another blood test done. I tried to trigger a flareup by doing vigorous exercises the week before, but couldn't trigger one, I only got tired.
I went to see the friendly doctor and before he told me the results I said that
they would be negative or normal and he said yes. I said I think I may have cured myself of my autoimmune problems using Naturopathic means.... As soon as I said that he ended the conversation and didn't want to hear anymore and sent me on my way.

Like I said previously my health timeline goes like this;

(Head Injury creates Leaky Gut)----->Eventually leading to pneumonia and autoimmune disorders.

About 22 years ago a Naturopath recommended I buy a Juice Machine for my weak immune system. I juiced for 1.5 years. I only ate vegetable juice, some fiber, and boilded eggs for 1.5 years. I looked and felt great, but ran out of money. Since it took about 10lbs of carrots, 2 Dandelion stalks,
4 apples to make 3 or 4 cups of juice. Thats too expensive right now. I use a blender and puree my raw vegetables now. I usually eat 50% raw vegetables.

Now its TOTAL WAR! No half measures here. You have to, to win!

I'm going back to what I did before. I'm going to eat

-Glutamine or NAG(better)
-99% raw vegetables and boiled eggs.
-pure yogurt
-Calcium/Mag pills

There is thousands of pages on the net about LEAKY GUT. Is Leaky Gut the only reason people get autoimmune disorders? I don't know.

How to Stay Healthy Until Youíre 105 (Itís In Your Gut) | Dr. Steven Gundry on Health Theory
How to Stay Healthy Until You’re 15 (It’s In Your Gut) | Dr. Steven Gundry on Health Theory - YouTube
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