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Hi Duwath,

Firstly, I hope you are taking a probiotic to help replenish the good intestinal bacteria that the antibiotics are destroying. Also, a pre biotic Saccharomyces Boulardii in addition to the probiotic would be helpful to try and avoid intestinal distress. You can take them both the pre and probiotic together but 2 hours prior or after the antibiotic. You would only need the pre and probiotic 1-2 times a day and then stay on it for another week after the antibiotics are done.

Regarding the peridex rinse... not really necessary and Peridex destroys both the good and bad bacteria and you need good bacteria to heal properly. You're taking plenty of vitamin c to kill bad bacteria and you're on the antibiotic.

The purulent discharge.... yea, that is a bit concerning. I would suggest that you call the oral surgeon and describe what is currently happening and get his opinion on continuing with the pseudo and mucinex. One or both might not be necessary or one or both may be adding or causing the sinus pain and pressure. Sometimes when trying to take care of the symptoms with too many things, we complicate it.

Also mention that you have a cross country flight scheduled for 7/15. Cabin air pressure can be troublesome depending on the problem.... a small sinus perforation is not really a concern so long as there is no infection.

I am wondering if there is a piece of the tooth or root tip still in there. Sometimes a piece of tooth or root tip fractures off during the extraction and gets stuck up there. Sometimes it works its way out, other times it doesn't. Any piece of a remaining tooth can be problematic and it could result in a chronic sinus infection. He may not like the question, but ask him anyway if that is at all possible. You can ask the front desk to email you the xray and post it here if you want and I can take a look. Of course I am not a dentist but well informed on dental radiography. Just be sure to blacken out your name before posting.


Originally Posted by Duwath View Post

I had my two top wisdom teeth extracted on 6/28. The top right was impacted and reportedly a "tough" extraction. First few days of healing went well and I thought it was going quite well.

Late Sunday into Monday I started to develop a sinus infection. I took some Cefdinir that we had on hand, Monday - Wednesday. On Tuesday and Wednesday night (both times my rinsing was probably too vigorous with too much pressure), I noted leakage of saline rinse before bed into my nostril. I had called Oral Surgeon regarding sinus infection on Wednesday and was prescribed 875 mg, twice daily Amoxicillin. I started taking that on Thursday. Also, after Wednesday's night rinse issue, I contacted Oral Surgeon again about suspected sinus communication.

I saw Oral Surgeon on Friday morning. He did X-Ray and very quick inspection of removal. X-Ray did not show a communication nor did his inspection or nose pinch/mouth breathing test. He suspects it is a very small hole that should spontaneously heal after sinus infection is addressed.

After 3 days of Cefdinir and 3 days of Amoxicillin (starting 4th day today, and have 14 day prescription), I'm still having sinus pain and pressure. Most concerning it seems like I'm having a ton of purulent discharge from either the sinus communication or post-nasal drip. Lots and lots of brown (some with black dots) discharge that I'm spitting out. Occasionally, typically at night I also spit out blood.

A few other notes, I'm taking pseudoephedrine 2-3 per day (since Thursday). Today I started to augment that with Muscinex. I'm taking 4-5 grams of Vitamin C, 8000 IU of Vitamin D3, and 100 mg of Zinc per day. I started using Peridex yesterday, twice daily.

I'm quite concerned with the amount of pus I seem to be dealing with - should I be? Also, I'm scheduled to do a cross-country flight on 7/15 for business - should I be concerned enough to cancel that trip at this point?

Thank you in advance!

***I have been in the dental profession for over 3 decades. I am an educator, trainer and extensively experienced in chair side assisting and dental radiography. The information that I provide here is my opinion based on my professional experience and is not meant to be taken as medical advice.***
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