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Originally Posted by godfrey19 View Post
Tomorrow is my next shot of Aimovig 140 mg. The first 30 days at 140mg was a big improvement from 70mg. At 70mg I had several migraines and a lot of minor headaches. 140mg seems to have cleared that up. Iím reviewing with my neurologist next week. My prescription is for 70mg so I want to change to 140mg! My samples will be gone.
Hi godfrey ~ Wanted to reply, as I am on AIMOVIG, have been for 9 months now.

I went from 3-4 migraine a week to 1-2 since going on AIMOVIG. I had Migraine with Aura.

I am on 70 mg of AIMOVIG.

None of the preventatives worked for me, so went to Maxalt as an abortive but that never really worked either. Have had these migraine types since 13.

Found that if I don't give the shot within the 30 day period, migraine comes back with a vengeance and takes awhile to settle down. Have you found this?

I also heard on the AIMOVIG Facebook that in Canada, the AIMOVIG is only given out for one year. I will be calling AIMOVIG next week to re-order and also to ask about if there is a restriction on how many to dispense per year.

Soo glad to hear this is working for you.

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