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Hi Bryanna

I have had the Panoramic X-ray. I have a large filling in my 1st molar. Both the dentist and oral surgeon tapped on the other teeth with no result. The OAC is closed and my sinus are clear. I donít have any sinus issues. I do have another implant in the same area.

The dentist checked my bite sitting up. Not lying down though. My mouth guard is about six months old, made in dental lab.

I tried acupuncture with no luck. Used to do yoga- I will try that again. I donít clench during the day but I do seem to hold my mouth in a weird position ( due to trying not to clench). I do not take any meds. The burning tongue is very weird. Iíll research the oral yeast infection.

I noticed over the weekend that if I put pressure on one of my front teeth, it brings up symptoms. Wondering if something is going on with that tooth. Going to run it by oral surgeon next week.

Thanks very much for your input!
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