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Originally Posted by godfrey19 View Post

You might want to try Aimovig 140mg to see if it knocks out the rest of the migraines. It made a difference for me. I believe the price is the same as the 70mg injection. I did not have any side effects from 140mg.

As for the 30 day cycle, you are correct. Around 27 days I can feel the headaches starting to flare up. Some people take a shot every 4 weeks.

Not sure about the reorder program in Canada. In the US I did not qualify for free shots under Medicare. However, my Neurologist gives me some samples when I visit. Also, I petitioned my insurance company for a discount since none of the preventative medicines worked that well. I pay $240 per injection.

Good luck!

Godfrey ~ How did your neurologist appt go? Did you discuss going on the program that helps pay for this cost of AIMOVIG?

Going thru numerous migraines, one right after another in last 7 days and I just had my shot several days ago. Will call my headache doc and see about upping it to 140 mg.

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