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Originally Posted by godfrey19 View Post

Sorry to hear about your migraines. I experienced something similar and discussed with my Neurologist last week. I experienced repeat migraines on 70mg then tried 140mg with the same results.

On 70mg I had no headaches for several months then they started up. Maybe one a week with a lot of clusters. On 140mg the headaches went away for 6 weeks. Then I had what you described with two migraines and five clusters within a week. Maybe a little more intense than on 70mg.

The Neurologist didnít have an explanation nor did we discuss why. He wanted to verify if I had a migraine or clusters. We also verified that I am still taking 50mg of Topamax daily and eat a low tyramine diet.

He asked if I wanted to try Ajovy to compare results. I agreed. At this point I have to clear my system of Aimovig for 60 days then try the Ajovy. Unfortunately, Ajovy is not covered by United Health Care part D. So I have filed a case. Also I learned from this experience that 60 days on these drugs is to early to come to a conclusion.

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Hi Dan ~ I wanted to pass along some information for you should you decide to come back to AIMOVIG:

1. The enrollment for 2020 begins in October 2019 to submit an application for the AMGEN Safety Net Program for AIMOVIG, which is the free program I belong to.
2. I get 3 free samples every 90 days. I call 888-762-6436 for the Amgen Safety Net Foundation to send out samples from their pharmacy. You can also download the application per their instructions.

Can you define "cluster of migraine" more specifically for me? I have not seen my neurologist for 8 months now and if I am having more migraine like what you talk about, perhaps I need to try to get in sooner to see this doctor.

Oh, also, you could join the Facebook migraine group called CRGP Antagonst Migraine Preventative and Abortive Medications. It's very informative and has a large audience that participates. They discuss all the CGRP medications and the Ajovy that you are taking.

I am going on AARP Untied Health Care, Part D soon. So, this will not cover Ajovy? Hoping your case gets approved for an exception. If not, what are your options? If you come back to AIMOVIG due to restrictions with your current health plan, you might want to consider applying for the Safety Net Foundation Program. I have to notify the AMGEN Foundation when I change my health plan, so fingers crossed I will still qualify for their free samples thru the Foundation.

Keep me posted.

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