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As an update, at 4.5 weeks the OAC started to heal quite a bit.
As of 5 weeks, it is mostly healed. It has been (what feels to me) a long road with this seemingly minor complication.

I'm still dealing with the nerve issues, but those are progressing, albeit slowly, as well. I'm guessing it maybe 2-3 months before those issues completely resolve. I guess I am optimistically hoping that those will, indeed, heal 100%.

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Hi again Bryanna,

At 3.5 weeks now. I'm still slowly progressing, I think. Yesterday seemed to be step backward with noticeable increase in drainage from the OAC (and related increase in sinus pressure yesterday). Today seems better. However, I'm concerned that the OAC isn't going to spontaneously heal, as I would have expected that to happen by now.

I also think I'm dealing with a bit of nerve damage that complicates determining if I'm getting sinus pressure or nerve pain (dull ache in 1st and 2nd molars, slight numbness/tingling on that side of my tongue).

Anyway, what do you think - should I be concerned that the OAC is evidently still open?

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