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Originally Posted by sangoku View Post

First of all, thank you for your feedback.

This said, I hope sincerely that you will soon get improvement and cure by doing Kjetil's program.

To answer your question, i went in a shrug's regimen since Dontbeamelvin wrote on this thread that he underwent improvement by doing them on consistent basis and also i have watched Kjetil Larsen videos on youtube that advocate traps and scalenes strenghtening.

Moreover, if i well understood your sayings, you are to do 1 set of shrug 2 times per week and also 1 set of scalene's Kjetil's exercise 2 times per week ? Is it what Kjetil Told you ?

If i am right, i was maybe doing way too much since during this 10-12 days, i daily did 3 sets of 8 reps of "monkey shrugs" (without any weights by the way).

For "monkey shrugs", you could find some vids on youtube that show this exercise (i think it is basically the same exercise your are doing for your upper traps).

Thank you again in advance for your thoughts and God bless you in your struggle against TOS.
Hi! Sorry for a late reply, have not been on the forum for a few weeks! To answer your question, I was told to do just one set of scalene excersises, on set of shrugs for traps, one for levator scapulas (spelling???), and a few other excersises to help muscles in shoulders that have been damaged/weakened by improper use of shoulder blades and depressed shoulders. Iím still struggling to keep shoulders up and neck long (out of cervival hinge), but hopefully with time that will become natural. Holding shoulders up helps with ulnar pain when I raise my arms out to the sides. I think getting better is going to just take a long time. My neurologist has ďinsistedĒ I take Lyrica for nerve pain, Iíve started taking it though I really donít want to just cover up pain, I want to fix it. But Iím giving it a try. Hope you are doing better! Donít overdo workouts, itís so easy to do it because you think you will get better faster.
Good luck with your improvement. Iím on the train to my next appointment with Kjetil right now. Weíll see what that brings😂
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