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Confused Concussion from trueclear water thrown at head

Hi all, it's been a while, but something recently triggered me to fall into panic. Long story short, I had a concussion 3 years prior, reagrevated the injury by a punch/slap to head by friend a couple of months ago, So today my brother was mad at me and whipped the water bottle at me. It was on the hard cap and landed on the side of my head. I was laying down on the bed with my head on the pillow. The water bottle had less than half the water left, like about 25 to 40 percent water left, and hit the side of my head pretty hard. Would this be enough to make another concussion? Immediately after standing up, I got all sweaty and my hands became tingly, and I felt like i was going to puke. I didnt puke but, was close to. I also was walking out the door the same day, and he threw something else at me. It hit the top part of my bookbag and not my head. But this caused me to jerk my head forwards, and I dont know if I hit my head into the wall or not. It seemed like a pretty close encounter, because I was unable to measure the distance from the wall with my hands as I walked through the door, because I was too frightened. So I walked through the door without protecting my head with my hands next to each side like usual, so I put a potential risk to my head being bumped, especially since I jerked it forward in fear.
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