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Originally Posted by JTP1234 View Post
Thanks, this is very helpful. I am just now experiencing some of the tingling, cool feeling in my calf area. Not 100% sure it is NP, but think so, have a nero appt on Sept 17th. Not my feet so much or my hands. Started noticing some soreness in my legs about 2 months ago, and did some research to find out about PN. So shut it down 2 weeks ago, not 1 drink until after the Dr appt.

My question, is if you have 2-3 beers every once in awhile, that shouldn't make the condition worse right? It is the excess alcohol that does the damage?
Hi JTP, cutting down my alcohol intake to just a few beers now and again and staying within the recommended guidelines has certainly helped stabalise my condition. But I believe it may differ from person to person. Some websites suggest that the only way to recover from this is to stop alcohol completely. I am not a doctor or anything but can only speak from my own experience and say I think it depends on the person. My advice would be to stay within the recommended guidelines (14 units per week / max 4 units per day) and if this doesnt help then try to cut out alcohol completely.

Just to update, two weeks ago I managed a 1.5 hour walk which was incredible considering I could barely walk earlier this year.
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