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Originally Posted by echbehav View Post
I am so desperate to find out the answers why I am in this pain!!!

In March, I had a regular checkup with a new dentist and she filled 5 of my teeth. At the time of filling, she injected needles for anesthesia so roughly. As soon as she gave injections, without waiting she worked on the teeth. I was in so much pain and she kept giving me more injections. At the end of the treatment I could not feel any part of my mouth!! And the filings were so painful.
And about a week later, I went to an endodontist because I had an infection on the tooth I had RCT done 5 years ago. He performed apicoecotomy on #13. After the surgery I took an antibiotic. As I finished antibiotic I was fine for about 2 weeks. And then all of my teeth became so sensitive. All of them! So I could not eat or drink for at least a week. I got better after a week. And left side of my face started hurting. I had ear pain, cheek bone pain, tooth pain on my left side where I had the surgery done. So I went to see the dentist again, and took another round of antibiotic that I finished on May 5 th. While I was on antibiotic I felt a little better, but as soon as I finished the med, the left side pain all started again and gotten worse.
Last week, I went to a different endodontist and he told me I need RCT on #14 which is the next tooth I had apico surgery. So I had RCT on 14 but still in pain!!
Now I have pain on my right side too.
Here are the symptoms I am having.

Left side teeth sensitive and ache
Left side gum pain throbbing
Left side ear pain (feels like someone is stabbing )
Left side cheek bone pain
Left side jaw pain.
Cannot chew on the left side.

Right side cheek bone pain
When I chew on this side, I have pain on right side temple.

Sometimes I feel pain and pressure on the end of both upper teeth..

Any advice is welcome and appreciated..
Please help me..
So desperate!!!
I also had an apicoectomy and was in horrible pain after. Antibiotics helped only for a while. It seems the apico failed and I had tooth extracted. The pain stopped. This might be your case too.
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