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Default Exercise Machines


I'll list main medical stuff just for reference if anyone needs to know for replying.

TOS dx'd 2010 Dr. Freischlag; Stroke 2010 (2 weeks after TOS onset): Autoimmune Disease-MCTD; Cervical Dystonia- no head tilting, but pain and spasm; hypercholesterol: MGUS- abnormal bone marrow cells; neuropathies.

TOS- I have bilateral arterial and vascular, and maybe neurogenic as well. Rt arm is worse than left.

10 yrs ago TOS began with rt arm excruciating pain and purple skin change down arm to fingertips, loss of movement from pain or true loss of movement; I couldn't tell because the pain rivaled the worse kidney stone blockage I've had. I have 4 children; stones and TOS are monsters compared to childbirth x4!

Within a few weeks of TOS onset I had a stroke-(loss temporary function of the TOS arm)
no one knows if it was TOS, Autoimmune Diseases, cholesterol issues, or all of them.

I have no deficits as far as stroke- well, some arm weakness, but that could be from TOS in that arm.

That first episode lasted months. I could not bring my arm away from the side of my body or it would send me to the floor, or down a wall, or frozen in place until the color returned to normal and the pain left along with it. This happened multiple times a day. Internist, ortho, etc., had no idea what was happening.

Finally a neuro (not a Hopkins Dr., he trained a Univ of Md Hospital, so knew many docs from there and Hopkins which often go back and forth for years at a time) did a battery of tests at Hopkins over a few weeks. I was scheduled for a brain MRI, and during that they said I had had a stroke very recently; I did have loss of function of TOS
arm the day before but thought it was from whatever was going on.

I wasn't dx'd with TOS until I saw Dr. Freischlag at Hopkins months later. She's now at Wake Forest Baptist Health and dean of Wake Forest School of Medicine.

I haven't seen new Dr. yet, it's been years, I need to go back.

I still know it's there, still have varying degrees, usually around a 3 level of pain, still near symptoms too, and arm still larger than other.

.My question...

I'm researching recumbent indoor bike, but I want upper body activity included. I've found dual machine; recumbent bike with rowing machine.

I'm 63, 5ft.

Bike: true recumbent is needed- legs, feet out front, parallel to floor; legs able to reach pedals being 5ft...; preferably seat back adjust recline positions.

Rower: I'd like to obtain scapular squeezing on the pull, however most rowers I see the pull stops at chest/upper ab area not allowing the coming together of the scapulas

there are rowers which have the long oar like separate bars that seem to have that scapular action, but maybe they'd escalate TOS?

Or is a rower of any kind out of the question?

If a rower is ok, which is better -cable/bar vs oar bars?

And is the rower lower body action beneficial over a recumbent bike. I'm sure on either machine I will not be going intense as I also have some spinal issues with discs, but my legs are pretty strong, except when trying to stand from a squatting position.

Of course, I'm not going to be intense on upper or lower body on a rower or bike.

Is there a machine that does not have the lateral arm abduction which caused pain and arm color change.

Are there machines to absolutely stay away from?

I'm glad I found this forum, so many helpful topics and people!

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