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Default Pasta with Bean Balls and a Tomato Sauce

Apart from all the usual vegetables I eat a lot of red and brown lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, black beans,kidney beans, mixed mexican beans already canned, edamame etc. etc.. I'm not fond of tofu at all and prefer not to eat too much soy however, I do love edamame salad soy beans. Below is a fiddly recipe at first but once I made it a few times I became more organized. Enjoy.

~~~Bean balls in tomato sauce to eat with pasta~~~

Balls and Tomato Sauce
Can Chickpeas
Can Black Beans
Oil of your choosing.
Onion diced (used in both balls and sauce)
Garlic (used in both balls and sauce)
Italian Herbs (use in both balls and sauce)
Chili flakes - very small pinch. (use in balls)
Salt and pepper to taste. [I don't use salt that often but some dishes need a little.]

Prepare the chickpeas and black beans
Rinse a can each of chickpeas and black beans and place in the oven to dry out. Doesn't take long. It's not to shrivel them up, it's just to dry roast them a little. Mash them with a fork. I prefer a fork or masher than an electrical blender so they don't go to mush. Set aside

Prepare the quinoa
1 part uncooked quinoa
2 parts water
Rinse the quinoa really, really well before using.
Use absorption method similar to cooking rice. i.e. Bring to the boil and then let simmer. Take off heat and leave lid on for a few minutes before fluffing. Grains should be separated and not wet. Set aside

Making the balls
Fry up some of the onion and garlic and add the herbs of your choice. Add a few chili flakes or small amount fresh chili. I use an Italian herb mix.
Mix into mashed quinoa and beans and cooked onion, garlic and herbs in a bowl and refrigerate for a while while I make the spag sauce.

Roll the quinoa and bean mix into balls and dry roast in the oven or you can fry them on stove top.

Tomato Sauce.
I make a very basic home made tomato spaghetti sauce using tomatoes, onion, garlic and again some herbs. Season.

Pour tomato sauce over the bean balls and serve over hot pasta of your choice.
(I use lentil and chickpea pastas myself. I prefer the taste of regular pasta but I just don't go there anymore).

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