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Originally Posted by Lara View Post
The little boy in Katla should win an award for his acting. I'm sure the director had his best interests at heart, but while I was watching him I did worry about the type of scenes he was doing and how that would impact him.

How interesting about your journey on the Russian ship. What an amazing trip that would have been for you. You could always frame the Mockba shirt I suppose. Under floor heating would be wonderful in a cold climate. Great for sore feet too. How exciting to get new wooden floors as well.

We don't watch television at home here but it's just my daughter and myself and we use our computers. I own a tv but it's not plugged into antenna. People think it's strange, but that's OK, I don't mind. I sometimes watch dvds on the actual tv set. I haven't done it recently but I used to put on surfing dvds with full soundtracks and have it playing in the background when I was cleaning or working nearby. That's very relaxing.

Some documentaries I enjoyed were ---

Joan Dideon - the centre will not hold

Kiss the Ground - Documentary science and nature. It's about the quality of soil and how it affects the food chain etc etc

The Staircase - crime drama US

The Long Way Round - Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman motorbike from London to New York. Going east through Europe, Asia and then to Alaska.

Long Way Down - Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman continue their travels from John o’Groats in Scotland through eighteen countries in Europe and Africa to Cape Town in South Africa.

Some more of the Nordic Noir with a few favourites although I've watched dozens and dozens.

Deadwind (Karppi) - Finnish
Bordertown - Finnish
The Bridge - Swedish Danish
The Killing - Danish
Wallander (several incarnations)

Borgen - Danish

I liked Line of Duty but haven't watched the last season.

Fringe I really loved. 100 or so episodes. I have the boxed set.

Random others include
Seven Years in Tibet. Movie 1997 Brad Pitt
Mindhunter - US psychological crime FBI
The Bridge is the ultimate Nordic Noir drama especially the first two seasons. I first came across the The Øresund Bridge in an episode of Top Gear and they have a way of making landscapes and seascapes look so dramatically strikingly beautiful that when I made the car journey across it myself, I was almost disappointed.

However the introduction music and the filming of The Bridge in the opening credits, makes me want to go again!

Bordertown is on my saved list on Netflix but I would like to recommend another Netflix series. Its a Belgian police procedural drama called The Break. It's set in a rural village and what's different is that none of the cops are TV cool, in fact they are flawed and some are barely competent. However they are oh so real, and well portrayed. It's a complicated tale and well worth the time. There is a second season that I haven't yet seen.
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