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Smile Bizis new October 2021 thread.

Well I made it one day with out alcohol.(Alcohol free = AF)
For lunch I had a turkey with bacon and tomatoes and a

side of steamed chard. I ate a lot at dinner but it was sort
of healthy:lentil soup with carrots and pieces of pork roast.

But the really big news is that I made it to the gym.
I had a half an hour to "work out" before the planet
fitness gym closed.
I did 2 minutes on the stair master and about had a

heart attack. I really want to work on my thighs
they are so weak. My heart was just pounding

at 2 minutes....I think I will go back to that again
as it really gets my heart pumping quickly. and it
works out what I am aiming for thigh muscles

exercises. I then went on the tread mill with

7% incline that got my heart pumping a bit I

think I did that 10 minutes. Then I went to the
bicycle, had to have the guy show me how to

adjust the seat....I felt stupid but they are here

to help us. so I rode the bike for a few minutes.
then looked for the leg press the mother of thigh

muscles machine I thought I found one but I

could not use it. did not have time to ask

because they were closing. walked right out at 10 pm.
I feel great that I went.

And proud of myself for making it one day AF.

Hattie the black and white one wrestling with hazel, calico. lost hattie to cancer.....
Happiness is a decision....

150mg of lamictal 2x a day
haldol 5mg 2x a day
1mg of cogentin 2x a day
klonipin , 1mg at night

I will not give up in this weight loss journey, nor this need to be AF.
3-19-13=156, 6-7-13=139, 8-19-13=149, 11-12-13=140, 6-28-14=157, 7-24-14=149, 9-24-14=144, 1-12-15=164, 2-28-15=149, 4-21-15=143, 6-26-15=138.5, 7-22-15=146, 8-24-15=151, 9-15-15=145, 11-1-15=137, 11-29-15=143, 1-4-16=152, 1-26-16=144, 2-24-16=150, 8-15-16=163, 1-4-17=169, 9-20-17=174, 11-17-17=185.6, 3-22-18=167.9, 8-31-18= 176.3, 3-6-19=190.8 5-30-20=176, 1-4-21=202Happiness is a decision!
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