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Hands-Free Mousing

Foot Controlled Hands Free Mouse
Avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and mouse induced Repetitive Stress Injury associated with desktop mice. Using the foot controlled mouse eliminates stress on the delicate hand-wrist area by moving mouse control to the feet. This prevents awkward wrist, elbow, and shoulder positioning before chronic pain develops. It also eliminates wasteful, repetitive "keyboard-to-mouse" hand movements increasing productivity. With the foot controlled mouse, you can have complete control of the cursor without having to take your hands off the keyboard, or your eyes off the monitor.

The foot controlled mouse is a two part system: one for cursor control ("slipper"), the other for mouse clicks and shortcuts (the "pedal"). The slipper shaped cursor controller is easy to use and efficient. With an elastic strap and velcro ends, it fits any size foot. The two-level pedal buttons mimic all regular mouse clicks but can also be programmed with any customized shortcuts (as many as 10 shortcuts for each program). It arrives preset with many popular shortcuts selected from widely used programs.

Two level ergonomic layout of control pedal
One pedal controls cursor movement. The other is for mouse clicks
Programmable buttons for defining any shortcuts/hotkeys
Window on monitor shows all button functions
Preset popular shortcuts for popular programs
Slipper shaped and efficient cursor controller
Powered by user-friendly Neuratron™ software
Compatible with Windows 98E, Me, 2K, XP, Vista; Apple Mac OS X 10.3 and later
Connection to computer is via USB Port


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