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Just wanted to say that I have had an ESI for my leg pain, facet injections and a subsequent RF. They all helped...along with meds of course. But again, mine is more radiculopathy...there is a difference between the two and it is extremely difficult to isolate it. My feet have been on fire before and the cramping in my toes and calves were awful. So, with these has helped considerably. That is why I think mine is more radiculopathy and NOT PN. Although of course it could be both. When I showed my PM exactly where it was and how it was traveling he told me it was the L5/S1 and also the L4/L5. And, yes, his comments correspond with my MRI report. And I will just say for the record that after these injections the pain is gone. Of course it can come back because the issues are still there. And no surgery is warranted because the discs just aren't bad enough of yet. What your doc is wanting to do is to get the nerves calmed down. So, with the help of meds and injections from TIME to is manageable. The rule of thumb is usually no more than 3 injections per year. But it varies also. Whatever you decide is up to you. I am just saying I have had good relief with them and that they are diagnostic as well as therapeutic. Oh, and I had to get the nerves calmed down before I went into pelvic floor PT. It is amazing to me how much that helped with sit pain. But I just wanted to add that I had a sciatic type of pain traveling to my foot as well. When the PT released the Piriformis muscle and got it to stop contracting on the sciatic nerve...that pain totally went away from my left foot.

I do want to ask WHERE is the pain in your feet? Is it all over? Or is it following a specific path? I know it is hard to tell. Sometimes my whole foot is on fire. But when I really isolated it, it was always lateral, the last two toes and the outer sides of my calves. And that DOES correspond with L5/S1.
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