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Hi Everyone....

I'm 48 and mother to an active six y/o son, who already thinks he knows everything. Lord help me when he's 14 or so.

I'm currently an incomplete paraplegic, walking with a single point cane and a full leg brace, using a wheelchair when at home.

I was born with spina-bifida and scoliosis. The paralysis followed a spinal cord de-tethering three years ago. It was my second cord surgery, and now we're suspecting that it has retethered yet again...waiting for the MRI report.

If tethered, I'm faced with two not-so-nice options. Either do nothing and allow myself to go completely paralyzed in slow-motion, or risk another very risky surgery again. I've had 18 surgeries total...most disability related, but not all...and I've never been really scared with any of them, but the thought of going through all this again terrifies me. I'm just getting too old for this crap! LOL. The last one lasted 12 hrs., then five days later, another 12 hrs. I do think it traumatized me somewhat. And to be honest, I don't want to put my son through it again either. It was hard on all of us.

But he's my little rock. If not for him, I've no doubt that my feet would never hit the floor on most days. Best PT in the world!
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