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I love your name, btw! Really cute. have SB? Any hydro? I can't imagine trying to parent a 6 yo when you have limited mobility. I have never been a good runner, but at least I could chase my son when I had to at that age. He's high-functioning autistic, so there were many chases.

I agree that you'll have your hands full when your little guy gets to the teens, but lemme also reassure you that because of this experience, he will likely be a more patient, compassionate, and accepting young adult. My daughter is 15, and although I do get plenty of teenage sass and some cluelessness from her about what I deal with, I also get a lot of maturity and assistance with her brother (when she's home ). Just keep being open to questions, and follow his cue. He'll let you know what he needs from you as long as you're open to any questions he has.

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