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I will try this again ....


Hello ww .....

While I don’t claim to be an expert. My first post on this stroke site was just tonight. So far they can find no cause of my stroke - which they have flip flopped calling a TIA then calling it a stroke (due to damage found with the MRI) back to calling it a TIA I suppose because I recovered. Then ...... I have had two more all in the last ten days.

I can add some on your depression I think.

My wife dumped me in May of 03 - it came right out of the blue. It devastated me. Then not long after - my only remaining friend (my mom) died. From ok to gone in six weeks.

I finally got myself into what I call personal development. I dove in very hard and took it very serious. I downloaded hundreds of hours of ebooks from people like these ........

Brian Tracy
Anthony Robbins
Caroline Myss (esp good for females)
Dale Carnegie
Deepak Chopra
Denis Waitley
James Allen (a man thinketh)
Jim Rohn
Joseph Campbell
Paul McKeena
Paul Scheele
Robert Kiyosaki
Og Mandino
SCWL (some good subliminals) Waitley also has some good ones
Stephen Covey

For a “taste” of these people - go here and read some of their quotes

This system would not allow me to give you the actual internet address but it is > brainyquote

Over the last 18 months I have made around 6,000 pictures. Those pictures are messages that are on a picture background.

I have several sets but .... I run them on two laptops that sit beside this desktop computer. The pictures change ever 60 seconds.

It is like a very elaborate - colorful set of “notes” on all the things I have learned.

One set (for example) is about 600 of those quotes from the type of people above.

I’ve learned lots and lots of logic on how to try to remain positive. I’ve learned how to “reframe” my thinking from sad/negative to more positive and learned the logic behind it.

If you have heard of “The Secret” for example. I found 10 hours of the workshop put on by the same people. After those 10 hours (of video) I finally “got it” - I now understand the benefits of “picking the best thing about someone/something and using that thought to get to even better ideas”.

Professional personal development from people like Jim Rohn is pure logic not hocus pocus. By listening to all of these ebooks and making thousands of pictures (reminders) all of this has helped me a great deal with getting myself out of deep deep depression. It has helped rebuild my self esteem - confidence and feelings of self pride.

While I admit these three TIAs or strokes I’ve had in the last 10 days is dragging me down (and scaring me bad) all the personal development is still helping me.

Feel free to message me if you would like. I can give you many ideas on how to get started on getting yourself out of the dumps.

One of the joys that came with all this work on this is - helping others. I am on some single’s sites and have helped may people with ideas along these lines.

Just being grateful for what we do have - is a big big step in the right direction.

If I ever figure out how to message - I will send you some more ideas.

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