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Default Hi WW

I wanted to ask you how the docs think the birth control caused the stroke? Was it a clot?

Also even if not 100% sure of what caused the stroke I think treatment is the similar for most stroke survivors.

I think you have been through a great deal with depression and the stroke, and yet here you are reaching out and communicating wanting to change and move forward. You must have a guardian angel looking after you.

I think that depression and anxiety are tortures of the mind that cause havoc on the body. I think your first action should be getting a new doc, one that "hasn't given up on you."

It doesn't make any difference how many degrees and accolades a person has received, it doesn't necessarily make them capable.

This might sound silly but do you have love in your life? Your 30 something do you have a family? Are you close to your parents?

There is no medicine to compare to the healing power of love. This also includes love of self.
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