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Default Pasted From "How To Disable Flash" Thread

Please review THIS thread for tips to disable flash (animations, images, etc. that may trigger a photosensitive seizure).

Here are quotes I pulled from other threads:

Thanks to Swift
In IE 6, you can turn off graphics by:

i. Select 'Internet Options' from the Tools menu.
ii. Select the 'Advanced' tab
iii. Scroll down to 'Multimedia', and click on the box next to 'show pictures' so that there isn't a tick in it.

(It's also useful if you're on dial-up - makes pages load quicker).

Netscape 8.1:

i. Select 'Options' from the Tools menu.
ii. Click on 'Site Controls'
iii. 'Add site' and then type '' (left hand bottom corner).
iv. Select the newly appeared '', and then on the right click on the box next to 'Allow images to be displayed'.


i. Select 'Options' from the Tools menu.
ii. Select the 'Content' tab.
iii. Click on the box next to 'load Images' so that it doesn't have a tick on.

I realise this only works for those internet browsers rather than the whole of windows - but for those who can tolerate static graphics it may be a helpful half way house.
Thanks to ZombieSlayer
I found a flash uninstaller program and to make it easier to find I put it up on my site

Make sure nothing is running when you use the installer (only explorer.exe should be running). Might want to boot into safe mode then run the uninstaller.

Also there is a registry fix to implement (not sure if it's needed after the uninstaller is done) that I'll post if the uninstaller doesn't do everything you need it to do
Thanks to Annie for the information below, and for pointing out where this information was (Computers and Technology).

i am the most vocal person here who has photosensitive seizures, so i guess i am the one to answer here.

all animated graphics are bad for someone with photosensitivity and a low seizure threshold. all graphics are bad. all graphics trigger seizures in people who have a low enough seizure threshold. animated graphics trigger them faster.

the internet is full of graphics and animated graphics.

what to do? the person with the problem can turn them all off in their own browser.

we had instructions for doing this up as a sticky in the old epilepsy forum, which i have someplace, but they are outdated since they were mostly for windows 98. i need to update them and post them again.

rule of thumb is that if you can tolerate a TV without having an instant seizure most animated graphics won't bother you. i cannot be in the same room with a TV without having status seizures. makes being in hospitals interesting.

the most important thing is to be careful about changing the refresh rate on your monitor. it is possible to do it wrong and have your monitor burst into flames. do not believe anyone who says they know how to do this safely. they may not.

for a discussion of how to eliminate flash from windows XP, check the computer forum here. dorry and zombie slayer have been helping me configure my computer for about three forums.

i have everything turned off. animations. all graphics. all color. all fonts. everything.

and when all else fails, i keep a large piece of cardboard handy to cover the screen.
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