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Default Med mix up

What a great article. I agree with most of it. I was diagnosed about 16 years ago bi-polar, took a few years to get the right meds, but my combo has worked so well over the past 14 years, that I have kept jobs, relationships, my kids talk to me, and I have a few great groups of supportive friends.
I am in a little bit of a bind today however. I sent my prescriptions to the mail in pharmacy (being the first of the year I have to meet an insurance deductable) so the 90 day scripts for the meds I take weren't covered and they wouldn't mail them without an approval from me. Well, they kept leaving messages on my home phone, which I don't check and never tried my by the time I recieved the Letter in the mail informing me they were holding onto my scripts until they were authorized, I was already out of my meds!
I was told I would recieve them by the end of the week ( I now have been off them for 4 days, that will make 9 days).
I called my dr's office, explaining to them what happened and that I was already feeling like an electric current was running through my normally serene body, they agreed to call in 4 days worth to the local pharmacy.
When I landed at the pharmacy..they refuse to fill it...saying I could go to jail for it.
I believe in peace, love and joy. Serenity, bliss and happiness, so no I didn't threaten, though I did try to reason wiht the pharmasist.
She still refused to give me 4 days worth. I did not pull the mental illness card (which could have been fun, but sadistic).
After all that,,,,I am trying to find out what kind of withdrawl symptoms I can expect to experience until the "pills come in the mail".
I have been on Tegretol and Paxil for over 15 years.
Every day, working in New York and Hawaii, I had my pills...
this is the first time I have not been able to get them.
The electrical charge is strongest when I am sitting still... I am going to ask the Divine to assist me in this as I seem to be quite helpless tonight..
Any ideas?
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