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I really think people should stay away from hormones, I mena there must be a reason why doctors are hesitant in prescribing these, or suggesting them, supposedly they increase cancer growth.

I really think I need a kick in the pants sometimes, and caffeine just doesn't cut it, and makes me dehydrated. Most times I have trouble breathing and getting my heart going. and I think sometimes, some people don't react to exercise well. especially people with anxiety problems, cause their pulse starts racing and some people jsut get angry. There are a couple suggestions for this, one: to start slow. Two: do not expect immediate results.

But in terms of the adrenal glands, I read this article where this lady had a really bad OCD, social anxiety, and they worked on here adrenals and then she got better. I don't know exactly how they worked on her adrenals, but it probalaby was either herbal medicine/ vitamins or maybe hormones. I read that they actually remove the hormones from adrenal gland extracts now as to not mess with the hormones. I'm slightly mistrustful of this, because sometimes herbal practices are not well regulated. I have to be wary of certain herbal remedies because I had a bad reaction to cordyceps or melatonin, either one may hav messed with my hormones too much.
dx: fatigue, eustachian tube dysfunction, esophageal motility disorder, neck spasm, , SOB at times, insomnia, anxiety.

fatigue, insomnia and neck spasm:under fibromyalgia

neurontin 300mg twice a day.
omega 3 fish oil, b complex,
acid blocker

need a better inhaler, albuterol causes too much side effects.

generally trying to find out what works for me
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