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hi Don and everyone else.

I wonder if I may butt in in here.

I work at home right now. But it is by luck. I did a lot of other things for many years and then decided to work at home.

I do a couple things at home now.

1) I day trade with the stock market. But that is very risky. If you have someone that can and is willing to teach you. You can make quite a bit of money, actually. But one has to have patience and study the market and need about $25,000.00 to be able to day trade. Hopefully more.

Day trading means that you trade on a daily basis and do NOT hold on to any stocks. So, if you time it right, you can trade about 5-6 times a day (if you know how) but some trade all day long. (I am NOT suggesting this to anyone. This is a very risky thing to do...)

2) I design things. I learnd AutoCAD a few years back and ended up substituting for a while at the local college and then it turned into a business.

with AutoCAD, you can design anything, from landscape to custom homes to jewelries to workout machines to, well, the universe. It's a vector based type of program so it is very powerful and almost every thing is CAD based these days. Furnitures, cars, blah blah blah

Dubai, that blooming eco-center in the middle east was so short on CAD operators that they were taking in secondary guys and paying them 6 figure salaries for 6 months job.

If you want to, do a search on Dubai.

the good thing about CAD is also that you can design it right at your own home, then email it to your clients. Voila, it's done. Of course, setting up a paypal or e-merchant account is very helpful in getting paid right away.


I guess what my question is that if you or anybody would be willing to learn a new skill to work at home. Or are you just looking for something to do that you already know. I think the internet is a big untapped market.

If you are still thinking about ebay. My personal opinion is that ebay as a company is not in great shape. They are not what we would call a TRUST worthy brand. I do want to say that there are those that have been very successful with ebay. And thumbs up to them. But maybe you'd want to try something else. And my opinion with ebay once again, is just my personal opinion...

Instead, look into which has established themselves to be very trust worthy and they have e-partners that might be able to help you drive traffic. You can become an amazon partnered merchant.

If you have a website, there is something called "traffic blazer"

it is designed to put your site on the search engine whenever you would insert "keywords"

for example, if I was type in "beads" your company will be listed in the search engine. Although the pricing and such determines your placing of visibility.

But it is listed in all the major search engines like google, yahoo, ask jeeves, etc.

here is some info on it

I am not sure if anyone here would be willing to learn a new skill such as CAD. But it is really fun and you can learn it at home.

And the possibilities are endless. I am not trying to sell CAD. When I was teaching, whenever a student would learn CAD and tell me that their lives have been changed. It was always a good feeling.

Now, the generic CAD (autoCAD) is very expensive. But there are other versions available once you've learn the generic form.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you or anyone has a skill, try to promote it as much as possible. Ask around and see if any of your friends have a website, ask them if you can link yours to theirs. Let them link it back to yours. Check out traffic blazer for traffic and searches.

but if you are interested in learning a new skill. I think CAD has great potential...

forget what I say about day trading. It was a stupid idea to even mention that in the first place...

I hope it works out for everyone.

(To Don)Since you like fishing, maybe you can look into something about selling fishing gears or fishing devices based on your expertise? If you are interested in learning CAD, maybe you can even design your own fishing gears and such?

Good luck to all

"you're entering, the



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