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dear Pawket Protay Ector. LOLOL

I have seen some of your wonderful work and I think CAD will help benefit you. If I can be of ANY help, please do not hesitate to ask. I don't know everything about it, nobody does, but I can help with whatever I can...

sharing knowledge and passion is part of what life is about and I am always eager to learn. OK, getting ahead of myself here. LOL

medical transcription/record coding is very important and I think you might be onto something there. Da wife is a nurse and they are just way too busy and short staffed. A really good medical transcriptor/coder is really important and in high demand.

I hope it continues to work out well for you.

Originally Posted by tkrik View Post
Moi - I actually have been thinking of taking a CAD class this coming fall. I love doing design work but, as you said, everything is CAD now and hand drawings don't cut it anymore.

Entrepreneur . com has tons of information on starting businesses, work from home options, etc. You can choose things that interest you. They tell you about start up costs, etc. I did research on work from home options for me and came up with all sorts of things.

Some of the things were real simple too. Like sending out cards for corporations. Fill out the envelope, put a stamp on it, and bring it to the post office. How simple is that. But many busy executives need this done for them.

If anything, this site will get you thinking about ideas and things that you can do.

Again, I do medical transcription from home. For me, it is not necessarily lucrative as I can't sit for any length of time (some days only 10 min at a time and then I have to get up). However, I have friends that are also in the field who are doing quite well. There is training involved.

Medical record coding is another option. This is applying codes to information in a medical record for billing purposes and to maximize the $$ on the bill to the insurance. Training is involved as it's pretty detailed work and you need to know all the codes. More and more physician's offices, clinics, and hospitals are having people do this from home. It is an upcoming trend and at this point, there are very few good coders out there.

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