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Default Test results in - results given by phone

My GP called a week ago Monday to tell me that he finally received the test results back from my NCV. He told me that the results were showing that there was some sort of neurological disease going on??

He said that they did in fact find that there is a conduction block in several nerves in my lower rt leg and foot. ( I think I am developing drop foot in that foot). and slowing of the velocity in both upper and lower extremities on the right side. (the left side was not tested).

Anyway, he said he was going to set up another appointment with my neurologist ( still waiting on the appointment to be set up).

I told him on the phone that I was experiencing new sx. One of which was for a couple of days when I got up in the morning I was not able to walk properly. Had to hold onto something and really force my legs to move. He didn't say much just that he would set up the appointment.

I'm definately having some problems walking (hubby is noticing it too) but I can still do it on my own so I guess it's not that bad.

I guess I'm venting here (sorry I'm a little frustrated today)!
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