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Default Lynxgal? Do not panic please....

That 'something' that is going on is a validation of your pain. Plain and simple.
Now, it sounds as if your doc and hopefully your new neuro will/are working on finding out what IS going on and then what things [if any] can be done to help you. So far, so good - silly tho it may seem rite now. Hey! It's NOT all in your head!
Since there are so many factors that can cause, contribute to, or affect many neuropapthies, it's kind of like reaching into a 'grab bag' and picking one out that seems sort of right.
I've found that my approach worked for me...I KNEW something was wrong, that the first neuro I'd seen had essentially 'blown me off', and I saw two equal or higher rated neuros that confirmed that I DID have a problem. It took me 6 months to know that neuro #1 wasn't 'working' and another 6 months w/ neuro's #2&3 working together [at my insistence] to get things together and we all got it right! I know I was lucky-but, you have to stick to your guns, be factual...write things down in chronological order..quick bullets, and keep things short, sweet and serious. I didn't cry until after each initial visit w/Neuros #2&3! I did cry with relief then for sure!
As for that 'freezing' when you get up in the morning? I call it my getting my gyroscope reset time. I know it's hard to go slow at such times, but you MUST. Broken bones only make things worse in the long run and I can attest to this truly!
Do not forget tho, to ask your GP or Neuro for some PT! Believe it or not, this stuff really can help! Docs don't think of it as a rule, but when you ask, litebulbs usually go off, and it's always OK'ed. Just be sure to ask for some sort of 'program' that you can learn to do and keep up at home. This way you will have a few simple tools to help you maintain some basic balance and strength. Lots of the exercises help keep you from doing that listing duck-walk thing.
Focus on finding out about the 'what is wrong' part. Once that's narrowed down, you can then address the 'what to do about it' part.
DejaVu is right that you HAVE to tell them about new or worse problems-they aren't psychic, and you have to be concise in what is happening and how. Doing that chronological/calendar thing is useful in this whole process. If you don't write it down now, you'd be surprised how easily youcan forget key things say...six months from now? Sometimes, these 'bits' of info are very important. Sometimes not?
Hope this helps! 's - j
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