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Originally Posted by Mylegshurt View Post
This is my second attempt at posting a message, so I apologize if my story gets posted twice.
I was diagnosed with MP 1 year ago, although I have been suffering with it for about 6 years. In the beginning it was mild pain worse with standing or sitting for long periods of time. Also I experienced an embarrassing symptom, which is probably why I did not discuss it with a dr. sooner, but I would experience severe thigh pain before having a bowel movement. Does anyone else experience this?
My pain gradually got to the point of being daily with no relief. Then the numbness began in my thighs. I describe it like the numbness after a trip to the dentist. I finally discussed with my MD and after several tests and appointments, my 2nd neurologist diagnosed me with MP and pudendle nerve entrapment. I have been treated with several rounds of oral steroids which have helped for 2 weeks at a time only. I refuse to take anymore because the side effects of the steroids are not worth the limited relief I get.
I have also taken several different anti-inflammatory drugs with minimal relief.
What I have found is that pain meds like ultram or lorcet help with the pain on the really bad days. I had these prescriptions left over from other reasons. Do others of you take pain meds like these and get relief? Are your MD's willing to prescribe them? My MD has never mentioned them and I feel that he does not think they will help because this is nerve pain.

He has mentioned trigger point injections. Has anyone tried this? Does it help?

I am relieved to know that there are others who know what this is like, but at the same time I am sorry others are suffering with this. I feel like people think I am crazy when I try to describe this to them. I am so tired of hurting.
To your legs hurt?
How are you doing now? How come nobody ever post here? Is there a new board that everybody is posting on? I have MP and I am not heavy I am 5'8 and 130, I asked the doctor why this happened and he said it was just one of those things, I was the "lucky" one I guess. I have a spinal cord stimulator for my upper body for another problem that doesn't work that great,and I was thinking of having the leads moved down, for pain in my leg. I hope to see more people posting.
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