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Originally Posted by salam View Post
Hi I am a new member, I joined because my daughter 24 collapsed in A&E dep. two weeks ago. she had suffered from headache for more than 18 months, was diagnosed as migrine, on that day the pain was severe, she ended up in the A&E but collapsed two hours after admition. she went un concoius for 50 mintues ( until operated on) according to the records, was taken to a scan, that showed a colloid syst blocking the csf flow, then had an external tubing installed to relief the pressure. Her brain has suffered damage, the neuro surgents can not tell how much damage from the scan, she has had a shunt now but still quit disabled. Can anybody help me of similar case where the patient has recovered and what to expect.
I am sorry I do not know how to start a new thread.
I also am not that familiar with threads etc..but will give it a try. From my personal experience with a cc of the third ventricle I will give you what I went through. First of all I was not unconscious.I chose major surgery to remove the tumor rather than a shunt. After the surgery I forgot both long term and short term memories. I set up a regiment of walking in the local school to follow the straight line in the linoleum. I had much difficulty in doing this at first, but didn't give up. After what seemed an eternity things started to improve, then I started to go back and reread my professional texts.At his juncture I am post 3 1/2 years. Things have improved. The bottom line IT WILL TAKE TIME.DON'T GIVE UP. Tom
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