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Smile Thank you, mrsD!

Hi mrsd,

Wow! You have responded very quickly!
This is interesting information!

It's exciting to see research (hopefully) getting closer to the truth on cause(s) and appropriate treatment(s). It has been a very long haul for those suffering and also for the researchers. I can recall an interview with both Dr. Goldenberg and Dr. Komaroff in mid-80's. They were extremely hopeful of having very clear answers within 10 years. Unfortunately, it has been much longer than ten years. (However, I am grateful to all of the researchers remaining dedicated to sorting this all out!)

Yes, many have been misdiagnosed and have been treated poorly. I do not deny that. I have seen so very much of it. It's extremely important for all people get second opinions (and more if possible) to be sure their own diagnosis is as closest to the correct diagnosis as possible.

Again, I am grateful to you for this information, for your input, and for all you lend to the health and welfare of so many individuals.
I know so very many people are grateful to you!
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