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Default Runny nose may be CSF leak

Please be aware of the fact that occasionally empty sella syndrome may be associated with a leak of CSF into the sinuses and then out through the nose. Features that are suspicious for this would be a gush of clear, colorless fluid from the nose when sitting up after lying down for a while. And sometimes the ability for the fluid to continue dripping in certain positions. The fluid may instead run down the back of the throat instead of out through the nose. It typically is described as having a salty taste, and unless it is infected, it should be clear and identical in consistency with water. I have treated a number of patients with this condition who were mistkenly though to have allergies, colds, etc. The danger of this is that if fluid can leak out, bacteria can potentially get into the central nervous system and cause meningitis. Yet, some individuals with documented CSF leaks may have them for years without such a complication. If your runny nose fits this description, I would recommend that you consult with a neurosurgeon, who can perform tests than can confirm whether or not the fluid is CSF, and if it is, you should discuss the option of treatment (which usually requires surgery).
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