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No, not all RSIs are caused or related to TOS.

I just feel that some chronic RSIs could evolve into TOS.

My thinking is if it was only in the hands and arms then plain old RSI would most likely be the culprit.

But you say "Then I just get this tightness in my neck and upper back. Its intense at times. I have to stop. Its like its bunching up. I try to keep my posture straight."

That's why you need to press for more & better evaluations, to make sure it is only RSI and not cervical spine or TOS.

If they only treat the hands and arms - and if the symptoms are from the collar bone , top rib or'll never get anywhere near being healed.
I had to try about 6 different PTs to find a couple really good ones. I will say that the advanced ones knew much more than the MDs!

I didn't give you the link to the useful stickys yet - there is a ton of info, saved threads , polls, videos links...-

If you have ever been in an car accident/whiplash, sport fall or hit, concussion..anything to bump your head or shoulders fairly hard - you might have gotten your c1 c2 {c spine} knocked out of alignment.
If so it's something else to look into -

Do you have a wc atty? {a good one ??}

complicated and hard to prove cases pretty much require one. and RSI or TOS are both hard to prove - since no actual test will show it.
unless you have an extra cervical rib or large bones or other anomalies that show on imaging..
but then they could try to say it was not the work that caused the injury...

There should be a way to get the other symptoms added on to your claim, so all injury is accounted for.
We have a wc forum too - they might have more details on that sort of thing... I didn't know much about wc at the time so I didn't press my doc to add the neck & shoulder symptoms.. and my atty was not the best at returning calls or messages- I think he just wanted his % of a settlement.

But I wasn't taking pain meds and tossed the advil/motrin away after being off work, I wasn't in high pain, so I figured - if I need to keep working to mess myself up so bad that i need to take meds why do that!

Even being off work with the chiro & good PT - it took me a couple of years to get back to 75% of my previous normal.

I don't know how the H wave compares to Inferential stimulation {IF stim} but I sure like the IF stim on my upper back.
Chiro uses IF stim & low level laser along with adjustments, so he helps me maintain..
I have a EMS stim for at home.
also have a far infrared heating pad - i think it is way better than a regular heating pad.
a foam roller for posture & shoulder relaxing work
an inflatable exercise ball for more posture & stretches/bodywork

I'm wondering if this chart makes any sense for some your symptoms?
Search NT -
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