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hi I have an aneurysm and hydrocephalus both. I recently had a medtronic stratus valve shunt put in and it is overdraining right now. But I had horrible headaches like you guys too and saw a doctor named Dr Cherian from Cleveland Clinic Cleveland Ohio. You would have to be referred to him but he is great. he gave me 2 shots in the back of my head and my headaches are gone. It really didnt hurt that bad either. Just stung a littlebit. I feel wonderful except for my shunt keeps overdraining and adjusting itself. But the excruciating pain is gone. Hope this will help. Also does anyone take Gabapentin and Lexapro together? I'm on Gabapentin and my doctor put me on Lexapro for my depression and panic attacks today. I'm just wondering if i can mix them. Thank You, Cheri
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