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My husband fortunately was able to give me the injections at home. I started B12 injections as well as oral supplements on April 7. I also started acupuncture the same week. The burning in my legs was horrific. I screamed all night and cried all day. I had pain in my thighs as well. I could not sleep and was prescribed Ambien. I was able to sleep with the Ambien but also got very depressed while on the Ambien and quit eating, thus losing over 10 lbs in short order. I was then prescribed Paxil. I was spiraling down very fast and not wanting to live if I had to have this pain all my life and take all kinds of drugs to control the pain. However, by week five on the injections, supplements, and acupuncture my body finally began to rally. The burning and pain in my legs stopped and now the numbness in my feet and hands is almost completely gone. I was fortunate to have a wonderful support group of family and friends who prayed for me daily and I know that God has answered all our prayers.


I have chemo induced PN and take 5K mcg of B12 daily. I had started out having B12 injections on a weeky basis but switched to the oral form. I would like to know how often you do the injections and what the dosage is as I considering resuming injections.

I would also like to know which supplements you use besides B12. TIA
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