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Many have asked "well what kind of Doctor do I need to see???
so thought it good info to post .
For most of us who have PNS /Stimulator it has been our pain management Doctors that do this type of surgery for a.d. and face pain . I have medtroncs device ..To help others in the past I have called that company and they gave me a link of Doctors that do medtronics stimulators in each area of that certain state . From there I have to call each Doctor or pain clinic then one would have to get apt for consult and such on their end .
I am guessing that I could do that with each company biotronics, ANS by St Jude, Boston scientific etc . Others have gotten the recommendation and this option by their Neuro . For most of the ones I have had contact with it has been the Pain management Doc . You just need to find a pain management specialist or Doc that deals with stimulator / S.C.S each doctor usually has their own company they use Medtronics Ans. Boston scientific ..etc

You Need to Remember this type of implant PNS/ Neuro Stim... DOSE NOT MAKE YOU PAIN FREE!!!!
It just helps you control the horrible bad heavy pain. It knocks it down to a lower level one you can better handle and live a more productive less pain kind of day.
WE still have our pain!! And still have bad days . This stimulator just mixes the signal and kinda turns part of it to static before it races back to the brain to feed the pain monster.
Hope this helps


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