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There are several enhanced forms of curcumin out there now.

Curcugel is affordable and I have used it.
There are also forms with Bioperine added, but if you take RX drugs I'd prefer you avoid Bioperine products until more research clears it as safe. Bioperine enhances absorption of many things, and drugs were not developed in dosing relating to it.

This is a long thread, but it has alot of information on it that is useful to help you select a product you can afford, and that will work:

The Parkinson's forum also has many curcumin threads, as they use it too. Some of theirs is more research oriented, but if you search there you will find plenty to read also.

Regular curcumin that is not enhanced, will remain in the GI tract and act as an antioxidant there. Good for Crohn's, and other inflammatory problems localized to the GI tract.
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